Volcán Lanín




12293ft (3747m)


S -39.63702587407557 W -71.50279998779297


North East

Vertical Skiing:


Araucania Andina’s highest Volcano.

Skinning up the lower section of the big bowl

Lanin volcano, a large conical stratovolcano shared among neighboring countries stands tall as a guardian of the border.
This giant’s elevation is 12293ft (3747m) and demands good fitness and good skinning skills.

Surrounding mountains

“The most recent eruption took place about 2200 years ago and produced a small lava dome at the summit and a block lava flow to the north.” (https://www.volcanodiscovery.com/es/lanin.html)

Cerro Peinetas seen from Volcán Lanín

An average of 12hrs. back to back is a good estimate, anywhere near it as southern andean conditions are always present. This volcano is usually hammered with strong winds and the route will most likely have icy sections near the top.

Colmillo del Diablo

If you are lucky you might ski down from the very summit but bear in mind that keeping the crampons under your feet might be the call most of the season.

Contact local guides in Pucón for adventure programs.

Sunny but really cold, don’t forget that puffy jacket for Lanin